Camp kitchen at Three Waters Holidays

Visitor and WWooFer Tales and Comments

We fell in love with the place.

We called to inspect the location and were most impressed with the greeting and the tour which Steve gave us. We were so impressed that we decided to return for a day or two. We fell in love with the place and our stay stretched to eighteen days, and we will be back.

Steve and Kerry are great hosts, and Steve can entertain for hours with past stories. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

The Randle Group from Brisbane. John, Jill, Ben, Lauretta, Doug and Colleen

One of our best Easters ever here at Three Waters.

One of our best Easters ever here at Three Waters. This is the 26th year our families have grown up around these trips. We loved the area and the atmosphere. We wish you well Steve and Kerry.

The Grantley Group from Brisbane. Grantley, Knudsens, MacGiugan, Bowdens.

We will never forget you and you will be in our hearts.

One of the best places we have ever stayed, we will never forget you. Thank you for everything you did for us and for all the happiness we had here. We enjoyed discovering your way of living and I think we totally adore it!

Even if we will probably forget many of your incredible stories, be sure we will never forget you and you will be in our hearts. We are all a bit sad to be leaving this wonderful place, but we know we will see you again, and who knows? Perhaps in Belgium? A big kiss from your Belgian coobas, Aline and Max (interpretation, Coobas means Cobbers)

Nam Goosens, Aline Marion, Max Brasseur, Arno Fouyer. Belgium.

We found ourselves lingering here for days and really enjoyed it.

We loved the hospitality, the horseback adventure, your beautiful land and the New Year’s BBQ. Although we only came for the fossicking, we found ourselves lingering here for days and really enjoyed it.

Ellen & Mariette Bostwyk from Netherlands.

The yarns from Steve were really something.

A great ‘Getaway’ spot. The horse ride was really good. We got to see lots of beaut scenery, bush, rocks and billabongs the easy way! It’s a way that we otherwise would never have experienced. The yarns from Steve were really something. We hope to return sometime soon if circumstances permit. We also found a couple of small bits of Sapphire.

The Cornwell family - Wendouree Victoria.

We all enjoyed your piece of paradise

We all enjoyed your piece of paradise. Thank you for sharing it with us. No noisy traffic! Just the bush animals early in the morning while we enjoyed our cuppa. The “Gunyah” is a great meeting place with everything there to prepare meals join friends and meet new ones. we will bring our other friends back soon.

Elaine & Peter Simmons, Neville & Ann Shears. Terranora & Banora Point NSW

We love this place and we would love to come back again one day

No wonder we come back again as visitors after being here for 4 weeks working as Wwoofers. We love this place and we would love to come back again one day.

Thank you Steve & Kerry, It’s a piece of paradise and we thank you for it all. It is wonderful to meet you Steve and hear the stories of your life. We want a copy of your book when it is finished. Big hugs!

Tina Hagemayer & Thomas Niedermuller, Germany.


From the first moment we came into your house, we felt so welcome- just like home.

The last four weeks have passed so quick, we had a great time with you here on Three Waters. Doing ‘rock n roll’ in the kitchen while cooking dinner and long horse rides through beautiful country, funny movie nights and enjoying our self brewed beer. Our adventures, the escape of our horses during the lunchtime on one of our long rides, the hard work and great success digging the blue 4WD out of the bog and not having to leave the tractor in there to fossilize. We built a lovely pump shed, and a nearly finished fence.

From the first moment we came into your house, we felt so welcome - just like home.

Steve - thank you so much for teaching us how to survive in the bush. We learnt all these new skills and we are sure we will need them some day.
The story of your life is amazing, and we can’t wait for your book to be finished.

But the best thing was to hear all those stories told by you. They are incredible, sometimes unbelievable but they’ve made you the person you are today. Living life in the bush - we really like who you are.

Kerry - although we are not the biggest fantasy fans, to watch a fantasy movie with you is a great pleasure! Your excitement when the metal Dragon started to fly - makes us enjoy this fabulous creature. And we love the Vicar of Dibley, a great English humour. Thanks for all those moments of laughter, all the interesting conversations, and your advices for life. Your wisdom and your life’s happiness make us feel so welcome at your home.

Thank you both so much, we will miss you and the time we had together, but it’s for sure we will be back. All the best to you.

With lots of love,

Hanna & Johanna.

Johanna Hoefener & Hanna Wortmann. Sendenhorst, Germany.
1st Feb to 1st March 2011

Thank you for treating me like a family member especially at Christmas

Dear Steve and Kerry

Thanks for everything. I had a real good time. Thank you for treating me like a family member especially on Christmas. It was a wonderful day.

You took me to the first horse races I’ve ever seen and I really enjoyed the day, even though it was raining. I’m glad we could finally do a long horse ride. The countryside is so lovely.

I hope you find a good home for “Jim” he is a nice horse he just needs a lot of work. He is a real challenge to ride but I liked him. I also hope you find a good horse to replace “Strongbow” he is getting really old and deserves to retire and so do you Steve! Take it easy.

Kerry, thanks for showing me more cooking skills and taking me to the movies. Best wishes to Mark, Jenny and Ebony.

I hope I can make it back here before I’m leaving Australia.

I wish you all the best. Lexi

Alexia Menzel – Ahnsbeck - Germany

You rapped for us like a star

Dear Steve and Kerry

Thank you for a wonderful time,
In the end you get a rhyme.

Four weeks ago everything started with a black beer,
When we arrived at 3 Waters we almost couldn’t see it clear.

Then you showed us a little bit around and we will never forget
The sound of the rolling monster in red which sometimes made us really mad,
especially when the battery was flat.

Although the weather wasn’t always very sunny,
Every day with you was funny.

Patience with us was very much needed,
But in the end we succeeded.

You taught us how to shoot a rifle,
Crack a whip and quick start a car while you rapped for us like a star.

You see we learned a lot of new skills here
But the most important for a German girl was how to brew your special beer.

Every time you asked us to catch a horse
Our answer was ‘of course’/

There was always a song on our lips
And a little shake on our hips.

For the future: good luck with the car in blue,
We think to get it out you need a whole wwoofer-crew.

And after that,
Have a little ‘opa-nap’.

Steve and Kerry we wish you all the best,
And never forget on Sundays to rest.

Lots of love – Kate & Julie

Julia Haefele – Germany Katharina – Rochel Germany